Do you have something in mind?

Art commissions are a big part of what I do, and with our pets holding such a significant place in our lives and our hearts, I love capturing the special bond between humans and animals in my work, and delighting recipients with unique artistic representations of horses, dogs, cats and any other cherished creatures.

Some customers are looking to proudly hang a painting of the most spoilt member of the family on their wall, while for others it may be a fond reminder of a pet no longer with them. On the other hand, you may simply have an idea you would like me to bring to life in paint.

The specifications are up to you, including the size, medium and style. Perhaps you’re looking for a painting to be as true-to-life as possible, or maybe you’d love a degree of abstraction or even mythical qualities to be integrated, literally painting the animal in a whole new light.

By looking around my website, you’ll see plenty of examples of how I convey movement, muscle and depth in my work, which may give you some ideas. How you would like me to approach it is your decision though, and I’ll be delighted to hear your ideas.

Whether you would like your beloved animal captured forever in a distinctive artistic style, or are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or family member, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you’re looking for via my contact form, and I’ll be in touch with a quote.

Visit my Chase Pets commissions page for a portrait of your furry friend.


My friend Jonathan

It’s not easy to get animals to pose for a painting in the same way as humans, so the best way to capture them in art is often to work from a photograph. The higher the quality of the photo, the more scope it gives me to bring the animal to life through art.

That’s why I’ve set up a partnership with Jonathan Davies Photographic that offers you superb value for money and a timeless encapsulation in two visual forms – photography and paint.

Jonathan is a highly skilled and diverse photographer, with reviews noting his vast knowledge, patience and friendliness. He specialises in portraits and commercial work, but in his company, you’ll soon see that he can bring his expertise to any photography session. Based in Cheshire but often travelling to Merseyside and Manchester too, he’ll work with you to photograph your pet in the best possible surroundings, bringing his expertise in lighting and camera angles into his decision making.

Once Jonathan has sent his photographs on to me, I will get to work on painting the animal to your specifications. The result is a painting enhanced by the influence of a professional photographer, and we’ll include Jonathan’s photographs in the price of the package. Perhaps you could display the photographs in one room and the painting in another, or keep one and give the other as a gift?

If you’d like to learn more about this offer, please get in touch with me and I can provide a quote after speaking with Jonathan.